Winter wet fly patterns

Sharing a tying demonstration I did last winter for Compleat Angler & Hobie Fyshwick Canberra.  On the night I demonstrated the following wet fly patterns that we use regularly in the Snowy Mountains lakes.

Here's the basic material list and photos of each variation as was tied on the night.

Beck's Bibio Hopper

Hook: Hanak H200BL #12 - Stillwater and Wet
Thread: Uni Thread 8/0, Red
Body: Super Possum Dubbing, Black
Rib: Hends Pearl Quill - Medium (18)
Thorax: Red Seals Fur subs and Pheasant Tippet dyed red
Hackle: Black saddle

Claret Machine

Hook: Hanak H970BL #10 - Streamer Wave
Thread: Claret 8/0
Tag: Pink Glo-Brite
Body: Claret Seals fur subs
Rib: Copper/red/claret fine wire
Wing: Rabbit zonker, dark olive/brown

Tom Jones (Fuzzle Dub)

Hook: Hanak H200BL #12 - Stillwater and Wet
Thread: Red 8/0
Tail: Suirrel Tail, Black 
Body: Olive Fuzzle Dub blended with wing fur 50/50
Rib: Fine copper wire
Wing: Olive wallaby or rabbit

Eucumbene Midge

Hook: #18 midge (or smaller)
Thread: 8/0 black
Body: Thread
Rib: Fine copper/silver wire
Thorax: Hares ear, natural