Isolation Tying Sessions: Wiggle Minnow

The wiggle minnow is a versatile pattern that I like to use when fishing for bream.  I usually fish it with a slow roll on an intermediate line and count down the line to the required depth.  The fly has a tight shimmy action and suspends in the water column.

The Pattern, Tan Wiggle Minnow

Hook: Gamakatsu SS15/T #6
Thread: Tan Flat Waxed
Tail: Tan Fin Raccoon (subs. Arctic Fox, Marabou, Rabbit), banded rubber legs, root beer midge flash
Body: Tan Fuzzle Dub, Orange BMS blend, Light Tan Palmer Chenille
Back and Bib: 2mm Tan Foam

Materials I use to tie the wiggle minnow