Friday Fly: Flattsie Shrimp

This week I'm featuring a concept fly that worked great on the Flathead last weekend in the Tuross River. It's a pretty simple shrimp design and it can be tied in different weights and sizes to suit where you are fishing.

I fished it on the shallow sand flats with an erratic retrieve, pausing regularly to let it sink.

The basic pattern is:

Hook: Partridge Sea Prince, size 6-2.
Weight: Bead chain or Dumbell eyes.
Tail: Tan Neer Hair and two strands of orange krystal flash.
Tail Eyes: Easy Shrimp Eyes (or burnt mono) hot pink.
Body: The body is made up of three sections. A dubbing ball of Orange Blaze Cohens Carp Dubb, Palmer Chenille, Med Root Beer and Barf Brown Bruiser Blend dubbing (teased out).
Top Wing: Tan Neer Hair, barred with a brown sharpie and topped with four barred rubber legs.