Friday Fly: Dirty Water Baitfish

This series of posts will be featuring different fly patterns, ideas, techniques or concept designs each week.

Today I'm preparing for a Saltwater trip and the weather forecast isn't great!  Lots of rain is forecast so I'm adding a few dirty water specials that will hopefully produce the fish.  Dark flies that push water and have a bit of flash to them generally perform better and this Dirty Water Baitfish pattern works great on Flathead.

The basic pattern is:

Hook: TMC 600SP size 2
Eyes: Red Real Eyes medium
Tail: Brown Marabou
Body: Palmer Chenille, Med Root Beer with some orange dubbing underneath for gill flash
Top Wing: Gold Polarflash topped with Brown Wicked Fibre
Head: Black Bruiser Blend (top), Barf Brown Bruiser Blend (bottom) tied in 40/60, folded over and brushed back to form the head.

Hopefully I'll have some photos to post next week of some chunky Dusky Flathead with this fly in the corner of their mouth!