Luderick on Fly: Weed Flies and Getting Started

Fly fishing for Luderick is a bit like indicator nymphing for Trout.  Both have flowing water and require you to get the fly depth close to where the fish are holding and you use an indicator to help detect takes.  It's also a relaxing way to spend a few hours around the change of tide when you're short on time and need to recharge the batteries.

Before I started chasing Luderick on Fly I spent a lot of time learning the how, when and why using conventional gear and talking to other fishermen that had been targeting them for decades.  So the best advice I can give is to spend some time and learn the movements of the fish in your local estuary and the types of weed they bite on. This will help you find locations and times to fish as well as getting the colour of local baits to match your fly.

This post isn't going to be a comprehensive "How To", but hopefully it will help you on your journey and give you a few ideas or some inspiration to try something new.


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