Float fishing for Luderick - A beginners perspective (2012)

I've been meaning to publish this post for the last 8 years ...  Better late than never and I hope you enjoy the read!  Since writing this I progressed onto tying weed flies and chasing Luderick on the fly but at the time I did all my learning using the conventional gear of long soft rods, centre pin reels and all the varieties of weed I could find for bait. Learning to catch Luderick Fishing for Luderick has been on my to do list for a long time.  Similar to how I was drawn to fly fishing the technical art of fishing with a centre pin reel and float to drift a small piece of weed at exactly the right depth has also captured me. When I first started there were so many questions and answers seemed hard to find.  You can search the Internet and find answers to almost any fishing question that you can possibly think of, but try searching for "What rod do I use for Luderick?" and answers are few and far between. Trying to prise information out of the old hands also rais

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